Characteristics Of The CardiaMed Heart Valve

The mechanical heart valve CardiaMed is a valve with a new innovative design. It has some distinguishing features like:


  • The occluder is made as two leaflets that pivot from open position to closed position.


  • The leaflets and valve housing are made of monolithic isotropic pyrolitic carbon. The sewing cuff is made of special warp knitted polyester fabric


  • The valve housing is reinforced with a stiffening ring made of titanium alloy
    The leaflets rotate around the central axis of the valve housing without restricting the rotating blood flow and eliminate the localization of all stasis zones in the bloodstream


  • The valve generates the swirling of blood flow in the heart chambers thus improving the washing of inner cardiac structures


  • The valve leaflets have a special aerodynamic shape for:
    1. Creating smoothly spreading blood flow;
    2. Prevention of blood flow turbulence;
    3. Speeding valve closure and opening.


  • The valve generates a controlled regurgitant blood flow for proper washing of its hinge mechanism


  • The valve has a barrier projecting above the sewing cuff, that protects valve orifice from pannus ingrowth that covers sewing cuff


  • The valves are intended for aortic and mitral position. The tissue annulus diameters of the valve range from 17 to 33 mm. The valves are supplied with the sewing cuff of various shapes intended for the standard, intra-annular and supra-annular position of implantation


  • The prosthetic heart valve CardiaMed is an advanced carbon valve. It has no need for compulsory orientation of the valve after suturing the prosthesis into fibrous ring due to its low profile and the unique feature of the CardiaMed valve, i.e. continuous rotation of the valve leaflets around the central axis of the valve housing, that facilitates the creation of blood flow that evenly washes both valve elements and surrounding heart tissues.